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Which Bi-LED projectors are in the MLED/MD2S 4.0 bracket family?

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  • Which Bi-LED projectors are in the MLED/MD2S 4.0 bracket family?

    I want to go LED on my G37... it's up there in age and I imagine the bowls are starting to burn. I want to go LED rather than HID because for the price of a decent pair of bulbs I can have new optics and chips that will outlast the car.

    Anyway which Bi-LED options out there share the same mount points as the MLED? I know the DMEX does and I think I will just get those, but I wanted to know if there were any other options.

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    Have you checked my aftermarket biled thread and compared all the ones listed there?


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      I checked the thread but didn't compare them. It's a lot to go through. I figured it someone else knew already I could just ask.

      DMEX is about what I want to pay, has the right bolt pattern and has a nice beam pattern so I think I'm just going to do that.


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        Where do you plan to get your DMEX from? Just be aware that there are TWO versions. One with a Seoul Semi chip (claimed) and the other is a Osram Ostar. Of course the Seoul is cheaper and may exhibit a different beam pattern versus the Osram. And honestly by the images I've see of their claimed Seoul chip, it looks nothing like anything Seoul has in their portfolio. Unless its a custom Seoul, which I doubt too. Probably some unknown Chinese LED chip.

        Check out this new biled I've seen on Ali. It uses a Genesis Photonics (Taiwan) chip. And while I know that GPI is a pretty unknown LED company, at least there are some published specs (no datasheet) and the chips are specifically made for automotive lighting.


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          Interesting. I was just going to order them on Alibaba. I can't see the Lightwerkz page at work but I'd like whichever version he had in the video.


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            I asked this question on their FB page but they never replied.


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              I cannot find the Osram DMEX. I might go with the kit you posted. Or just pony up for the MLED and flip the chip.


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                I ordered the AOZOOM about 5 days ago. It's on the way. I'll be able to compare it to the DLAND JSP projector I have as well. I'll look for that OSRAM DMEX, I remember seeing it, just can't remember where now.


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                  Here's what I consider the first version of it:

                  I ordered it and was not thrilled with the width, And the intensity faded as the chip/heat sink heated up. Discussion here:



                  Here's the one you can choose the chip:


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                    I picked up a set of the i.lens BI-LED projectors. It has a 5000k color temp with one of the widest width of the LED projectors I've seen. I originally purchased the MLED but the short width steered me from them and I returned it


                    G5-R vs i.lens BI-LED

                    i.lens Bi_LED vs MLED


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                      I am just leery about reliability. Even with a good chip the driver can be shit. I might just go clear lens on my G or if the bowls are burnt throw in some Q5s.