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question for 71 road runner retrofit

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  • DejectedSquatch
    1: Nope, as of now there's not really anything as such that can produce a decent low beam pattern. You can get XKglow strips that are closest to a daylight visible flexible DRL/turn signal.
    If you're good with fabrication, you can build a blacked out housing with a projector inside to make it appear invisible in the grill and the white strips will stand out better.
    2: Laws regarding that differ from state to state. One state allows as many lights as you want, the other won't allow more than 4 front facing sources of light.

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  • staerkeste
    started a topic question for 71 road runner retrofit

    question for 71 road runner retrofit

    i dont know how to post a picture so ill describe it. i want to replace the original headlights on a 71 plymouth roadrunner with an led light strip that goes around the edge of the grill.

    1. where can i find a flexible led strip bright enough for night driving (OG headlights taken out)? If there is no such thing what is the next best thing for my idea?

    2. What is the legality of having such a headlight? All i can find is that you need at least two headlights but i cant find anything on size or orientation of the headlights. Would a good work around be to put a small gap in the middle of the light strip?