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Converting 1156 into 7440

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  • Converting 1156 into 7440

    It was easy to convert a 3156 to a 7440 because of the pins, but converting a 1156 to 7440?

    I had a car that took 1156 and now I'm hoping to take all these LEDs into this other car that has 7440s and 7443s in them.

    When i opened up the actual 1156 LED bulb, wires exposed and all, it looks like I could just solder a couple of pins where the wires were to successfully make contact with the sockets panels.

    I probably shouldn't be making a thread for this question because i guess the only way for me to find out if this works is to DIY.

    Welp. hopefully I'll remember to post back with some pictures of this little project i guess. i'm just afraid I'll blow a fuse or start a fire 💀

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    Soldered the wires and tested it with a car battery.

    I could probably make this work. Now i need 744x bulb sockets.

    Anyone know where I can get 744X Bases?
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      Wreckers/junk yards


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        Do you need the sockets where the bulbs plug into or the bases as in the bottom of the bulb?

        I've been using Flosser brand sockets, better quality than the generic ebay/alibaba/etc. stuff. Never used these but there are T20 and bayonet bases here

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          Cool. Thanks. Bought them the moment I laid eyes on it.
          Conversion is simple. 3156 to 7440. easy.
          However, doing a 3157 to a 7443. Kinda difficult.

          The 3157 has Three wires. 1 Ground and the other 2, BRAKE light & DIM light. lol
          I haven't used the 3157 7443 on the car yet. I'm not sure how it's going to produce.