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Replacing HB3 or H11 bulb with H15

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  • Replacing HB3 or H11 bulb with H15

    I'm planning to add DRL's to my cars and trying to make them OEM style as possible, my car doesn't have DRL's original.
    I have HB3 bulb in high beams and H11 bulb in fog lights, so the "plan" would be to replace high beam bulb or fog light bulb with H15 bulb and rewire it to have it work also as DRL.

    But I can't find good pictures to compare the bulb bases, so would the H15 sit correctly in HB3 or H11 base, and also filament displacement is important.
    Does someone have somekind info about these bulb measures and comparing them to each others?
    Or is it just best to go and buy H15 bulb and test if can be installed in HB3/H11 place and also how it will affect beam pattern?

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    Hello Maikel, I had similar thoughts bevor. Bit I considered replacing an H7 with an H15. The bases were just too different. But maybe it is better on hb3 or h11 bases. They look more similar.

    I think it would be best to just try it out. It is not only the high beam filament that has to match but also the DRL filament to your existing reflector. Cars that use H15 as stock DRL have a reflector that makes use of the two different filaments. So even if you get it to fit it might not be as bright as on vehicles with stock DRL. But also it could just work out good.

    Please keep us updated. I might consider this too because my current led setup is interfering with the hight adjustment in my housing.
    Subaru Outback retrofit:
    License plate lights with dual brightness:


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      I decided to ditch this "idea", didn't buy extra H15 bulb, because cheapest around me are 19€ a piece, so thought it's little bit too much for experiment.
      Measures what I did found, my guess is that it wont't fit to H11 base, because H15 base is apparently 3mm bigger. And I think the fittment is allready tight.
      Comparing to HB3, measurments could be pretty good, don't know how the three "locking flaps" will work? One picture what I founded, showed that filament starting point would be same as HB3, but H15 has a little plate blocking light inside, so it's also little bit disturbing for me..

      So my next plan is to get PWM module for high beam bulbs and rewire from there to high beam bulb, so then DRL's will work and also high beams will work.
      And also its easy to swap good LED-bulbs there.