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H18/H19 : has anyone tried them?

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  • H18/H19 : has anyone tried them?

    Hi all,

    as per the subject: has anyone tried them as replacement of h7 and h4?

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    Don't see a point. Optically built for smaller housings, not for improvements in existing housings.

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      H18 is definitely worth a look if you have H7s stock. Tighter geometrical tolerances and 200 more lumens make the H18 a nice, drop in upgrade for H7. Yes, the H7 will drop right in without modification.

      H19 is a nice refresh of the old H4, but not a drop in upgrade at all.

      There's also H20: you get like 1200 lumens from 75 watts, as well as the H7, which is mainly intended for motorcycles.


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        Thatís what I meant, but I could not find any test.

        The Russian guy is supposed to carry out a comparison one of these days (H7 Va. H18). I still donít know what he would put in the test (probably also some Osram premium bulbs).

        The H20 apparently is made mainly for colour matching, from what I just read on CPF.