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H18/H19 : has anyone tried them?

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  • H18/H19 : has anyone tried them?

    Hi all,

    as per the subject: has anyone tried them as replacement of h7 and h4?

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    Don't see a point. Optically built for smaller housings, not for improvements in existing housings.

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      I like Silverstar H7s.


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        Thatís what I meant, but I could not find any test.

        The Russian guy is supposed to carry out a comparison one of these days (H7 Va. H18). I still donít know what he would put in the test (probably also some Osram premium bulbs).

        The H20 apparently is made mainly for colour matching, from what I just read on CPF.


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          That's the test:

          Now, I don't understand a single word of Russian, but it would appear that the H18 and H7 NBL performs pretty much at the same level.

          What is the real advantage (for me) is that the H18 is a long life bulb (given for ~800 hours, by memory), which is definitely an improvement compared to a high performance H7.

          Here the data sheet: actually Philips rates it for 1.100 hours:

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            Luckily I am fluid in Russian so just reply to this thread and remind me in a couple hours to translate it.

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                I gotchu fam.

                Wider top tab, extra cutout for a notch in the side. Have to trim the top tab. 1700 lumens vs 1500 thanks to 10W extra rating. Hard to find for now.

                Installed in projector because cutoff is irrelevant for this test, he wanted to only test brightness. Standard H7 (300 rubles) vs standard H18 (600 rubles) vs H7 Nightbreaker (1000 rubles).

                H18 as bright as Nightbreaker but yellower, Nightbreaker is slightly whiter.

                Next is reflector, to check cutoff quality. Cutoff is unchanged. H18 still brighter than H7.

                65W is fine in most low beams, doubtful there will be any damage. The upgrade makes sense. Cover the glass when cutting the tab. Use a Dremel so you don't bend it (like with shears).

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                  So, overall the change would make sense.

                  Amps are quite similar to a H7 ďplusĒ, but the coils runs cooler (hence the yellower light) and last way longer.


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                    Pretty much, it makes sense but it's not a miracle swap like H11 to H9. But if you're getting basic bulbs, why not go H18 if you have a way to trim the tab?

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                      I don't mess with a 65w 1700 lumen H18 bulb that requires grinding/cutting to fit, instead I use a 65w 2100 lumen H7 bulb from Germany that's plug and play. Easier, and it's (far) better in every respect except rated bulb life. How long they'll prove out to last on the road remains to be seen, but they did reasonably well in lab life tests, consistently surviving longer than premium 55w H7s (Osram Nightbreaker or Philips Xtreme Vision, etc).

                      My sphere test results on H18 match the Russian "Test Lab" dude's results in the video: about the same lumens as a premium H7 but whiter light from the premium H7, while the 65w H7 gives off much more flux -- the 5 of them I put in the sphere (bought 'em as a regular customer; they weren't requested as test samples or anything potentially cheatable like that), they ran very true to spec, ranging from 2081 to 2137 lumens and 3423K to 3455K color temp.

                      Interesting part was the results from new/old stock Osram 65w H7s from 2007 (1844 to 1963 lumens, clustered around 3386K, not quite as good as the new-production 65w H7s) and Chinese knockoff Osram 65w H7s (1219 to 1503 lumens and clustered around 3160K, probably the same junk the Russian dude tested in another video).

                      Beam photometry lined up well with the sphere results. Worst to best for intensity + color: Old H7LL, new H7LL, Chinese knockoff Osram 65w H7, standard H7, H18/ premium 55w H7 (tie), real Osram 65w H7, current German 65w H7. I'd post the data itself but it's not mine to share (I did get permission from the owner to post this summary.)


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                        I, too, would shill for a bulb that I sell instead of the logical choice: the H18 upgrade.


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                          The Osram Rallye H7 65 watt & Ultra High Output Vosla 65 watt are a H9 capsule on a H7 base and produce 2100 lumen. I'd look for those or a modern equivalent instead of H18.

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