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Philips 9011 HIR - Genuine or counterfeit?

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  • Drink.Tai.Tea
    started a topic Philips 9011 HIR - Genuine or counterfeit?

    Philips 9011 HIR - Genuine or counterfeit?

    Hello. I have recently purchased a batch of Philips 9011 HIR bulbs. However, after the fact I had the idea of if they were counterfeit, how would I know? I don't have anything to compare with and photos are hard to find. They don't have the silver background with green lettering as seen on the bottom of the bulb in the pep boys product listing. Emailing Philips was useless as they completely skipped over the question, told me they don't sell on eBay (you don't say...), and ended up replying concerning the 9012 bulb instead...

    Link is attached with photos of said item:

    Best regards and many thanks.

  • evo77
    Looks genuine to me. Mine is the exact same. Same markings, stamps and all.

    At 12.5v mine draws 5.25a for 65 watts.

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