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is it real or not

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  • is it real or not

    Hello everyone

    Since some dealers around the world has their ways to make you really mad because theirs prices for spare parts .... Some of us like me will try another ways to get it like AMAZON ..... If you visit their website you will see a lot of accounts there named with a big companies name like Osram Phillips Mitsubishi
    My Q here is
    Are those a real names or fake

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    If it sound to god to be true than it usually is.


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      If it is a vendor that sells through Amazon, I'd be less willing to believe their claim of authenticity than if Amazon sold something directly. Also note that Amazon's product reviews don't distinguish which vendor the reviewer bought it from.

      But even if something is sold directly by Amazon, I wouldn't automatically believe it, as they don't specialize on selling a specific product segment.
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