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Is the mini h1 good for me?

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  • Is the mini h1 good for me?

    So I just joined here the other day (this is my second thread) and have been reading around a lot.

    I've seen numerous members say that the mini h1 projectors aren't good for width and distance. But I have a few questions about those comments. Keep in mind I know basically nothing when it comes to hid lighting other than basics.

    So to start, I have a 2001 silverado with the stock halogens in stock housings. I plan to retro fit a set of the mini h1 into stock type housings. I also plan to use 5500k bulb with 35w ballast.

    My two reasons to doing so is that I feel that the light output will be much better and the color will be better for me. I don't do a ton of night driving but when I do its 99% highway.

    So my main question here is, will these projectors satisfy me? As long as they are just as good as stock or better I'm happy. I know they aren't the best projectors but they are in my price range and seem to be in my capabilities as far as the retro fit (being basically bolt in). Thank you for any info

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    Well they are great for starters. I started with them but it turned into an obsession to reach OEM grade projectors. For $120 U can find OEM's about the same. Unless you're gettin b-stocks.


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      I'm going with the regular ones not the b stocks.

      What's the deal with the d2s projectors? Are those still threaded at the base or are do those require to be glued in?

      Edit: I'll leave what I wrote above there, but I feel kind of dumb haha. I literally opened the forum and saw a comparison thread that answered my question.
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        Originally posted by 19trax95 View Post

        Edit: I'll leave what I wrote above there, but I feel kind of dumb haha. I literally opened the forum and saw a comparison thread that answered my question.
        No worries man. We are all learning, always! We thank you for doing a real retrofit. To answer your question, yes, it is threaded, but a bit bulkier to fit in those Silverados. U may be able to make it work though. Mini d2s 3.0 will give better distance and hotspot intensity and will safely handle 55w ballast. It will also give u the option of getting precision crafted OEM bulbs to reduce bulb misalignment and give u maximum light output. Welcome to the planet!


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          Oh yeah there was no way I was putting hid's in the reflector housings. It makes me mad when I see people that do that. It's dangerous as you guys obviously know.

          For my short time reading on the d2s projectors, it seems like a retrofit of them into my truck may be a bit more than I'm ready for right now. I'd like to start a little simpler to learn about the aiming and such and I think that a simpler fit to start will help me with that process

          So the mini h1 will definitely be an improvement over stock though right?


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            To sum it up, the Mini H1 6.0 is quite good considering its size, and if you're interested in an improvement over most halogen and are sure you won't redo your retrofit, then it can deliver. You'd need to make sure the bulb quality is good.

            But for many of us here, there's always something better. Plus being able to use D2S bulbs is a great benefit.
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              I should have mentioned that too. I will be using the morimoto bulbs/ ballasts too. Specifically the x35 5500k. I think I got that right. They are the upgraded ones when buying the complete mini h1 kit.


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                I would go with rx350. It's slightly larger and so much better in so many ways. It's OEM, has better width, depth, intensity, shield alignment is great and it takes OEM bulbs which have perfect alignemnt. Many guys use rx350s in Chevys because the housings are smaller and tight but the rx350 is also smaller. Look around on this site and see if you see alot of Chevys with your body year and see if they have rx350. Most do


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                  Maybe rx350 exceeds his financial limitation.If I were you I'd go with mini d2s 3.0.I was too,when I started, between mini h1 and mini d2s but chose the second.The are both easy to mount due to their threaded shaft.Thus, mini d2s 3.0 requires d2s bulbs which are always better especially if you go OEM.
                  Keep in mind it is slightly larger than mini h1.
                  For dimensions pay a visit to TRS's site.

                  Mini d2s - 3.0


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                    I'm an HID newb, and just finished my first retrofit with the mini H1 from TRS. I went with the XB35 bulbs and I'm very happy with the results.

                    Most of what I read around here and around the internet led me to believe the MH1 and MD2S were very close in output performance. I chose the H1's due to the slightly smaller size, thinking it would be easier. If I were to do it again I would put more consideration into the Mini D2S. As mentioned by others using the D2S bulbs opens up a whole world of choices in aftermarket and OEM bulbs and ballasts, which might be important to you in the future.


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                      The rx350 is a little pricey for me and I would prefer something that I can thread into my housing.

                      I will do some serious looking today at the mini d2s and see what I find for my year.

                      I know that my year (2001) has a shorter headlight than say the 2003-2007 trucks. But from the dimensions I've found, the mini d2s is not as long but is a little bulkier in general.

                      The mini d2s is a little more expensive but if I drop the halos off my list of parts than it would come out about the same.


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                        We'll drop the halo's wait a few and get the rx350's. Halo's are overrated. Good for appeal but nonetheless useless. Plus we all seem to have run into heating issues that causes some to go out after a while. I'll use them when customers ask for them but I always warn of issues. An wait for the newer xb ballasts to come out so you can have the latest/greatest. I went full OEM an couldn't be happier. But of course it's smartest to have a budget and end goal unless you catch retrofititis like some of us lol


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                          Retrofititis.... Lol


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                            Ok, you guy got me sold on dropping the halo idea. I took a few minutes to think about and and made me decision. Yeah they look cool, but I'd only have one on each side and then there's all the reports of them burning out.

                            So that's done. I'm still deciding on the mini h1 or the d2s. But from my reading on here so far, it seems that a lot of guys are saying that the mini h1 is better in some ways and the d2s is better in the other.

                            My personal opinion as of now is that the d2s might be a little big to fit into my housing without cutting them all apart so I'm still leaning towards the mini h1. But I'm not set yet so I still got some reading to do.

                            I definitely understand your guys believe in the rx350, but right now, it's not something I'm sure I could tackle.
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                              There are two versions of the mini d2s. The 2.0 and 3.0's. The 3.0 are the ones you want and are the current ones on TRS website. These are better than mini h1 as far as beam distribution and all. The threads you are seeing about the mini h1 being better is referring to the mini d2s 2.0 which literally had no low beam hotspot.
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