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Best projector and bulb combination for the rain?

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  • Best projector and bulb combination for the rain?

    Hello all,

    I've been a lurker here for many years and just lately started posting. I looked in the search, but couldn't seem to find a similar thread. In your own opinion, what do you guys believe is the best bulb and projector combination for driving in the rain?

    I live in Oregon where a good amount of the roads have really washed out lane lines, making extra light in the rain that much more important. Also, my driver and passenger side front windows happen to be tinted as well from when I bought the vehicle, making it a little more difficult to see from the sides while turning.

    Currently, I managed to fit 04-05 TL-ZKWR into my 2012 Tahoe with OSRAM SVS bulbs, but possibly due to some shield spacing issues, the intensity/cutoff/brightness wasn't the world renowned best bi-xenon projector that I'd expected it to be and I plan to redo everything.

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    As a general rule of thumb, you want something with a wide throw for inclement weather and can be accomplished with either fogs or a wide projector. Distance throw is important but not nearly as much because hydrometeors will just reflect a lot of it back and you don't necessarily want to blind yourself with a super intense hot spot. As far as color temperature goes, you want to stick to 4300K or lower.

    So what I would recommend:

    A wide projector such as the RX350. I've heard the TL is wide but the RX350 is a tad wider. Or you could go with an awesome dedicated low beam like the LS460. You already have awesome bulbs for rainy days so I think you're set in that regard. What you can do is get some projector fogs and put in some 3000K HID's or some LED fogs and laminate them will a yellow film.


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      Not sure if you have seen but TRS just produced some 3800k bulbs, aimed to match halogen. Though they weren't that yellow but more yellow than 4300k. I believe they are going tto produce batches here and there. Maybe contact them to get a pair? And I believe one issue with the TL is it puts too much light in the air, which is why the high beam is said to be amazing. So as mentioned I would look at rx350s. I have them with CBIs and love it


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        LS430's for me!! if you need a high beam then +1 on rx350's. and i would def recommend 3K for fogs. with those and CBI's they blend pretty good


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          Koito bulbs FTW!

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            Originally posted by Liber_Jr View Post
            Koito bulbs FTW!
            Agread. If you want halgonish colored HID bulbs without going with TRS 3800K bulbs the koito bulbs are your best best. Mine are very yellow. Much yellower than my almost new Night Breakers.
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              I think that bulb selection is more important than projector selection if we're talking about wet pavement


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                Wet pavement?
                Originally posted by nine44
                350 wit da wrist boy?


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                  Yeah... you know, what happens when it RAINs


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                    Foke tales
                    Originally posted by nine44
                    350 wit da wrist boy?


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                      Oh wait, you don't know what rain is, I forgot


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                        Imho, since wet roads increase the amount of specular reflection (i.e. mirror-like) and reduce the amount of diffuse reflection (i.e. the spread out reflection part of which returns to the driver's eyes to provide visibility of the road surface), it is important to make sure that the transition from the centerline of the horizontal cutoff to the foreground be very sharp.

                        This means that more light is aimed far ahead. Regardless of whether there is a lot of foreground or distance light, the qualitative difference to the driver will be hardly noticeable, because the road surface now no longer return as much light back to announce its presence. However, the amount of reflected glare to oncoming traffic can be minimized if intensity at certain foreground positions are minimized. In addition, more light forward instead of foreground means that objects ahead will be more visible to you, which is a good thing.

                        I believe the effect of these various beam patterns is more significant than the effect of using various bulb colors (within legal range of yellow to white). There is an argument that yellower light's wavelength is different enough from the cooler light's wavelength, that there is less light diffraction via water particles in the air. Iirc, this is not valid for water particle sizes found in fog, rain, or snow.

                        Having said that, if it is possible to generate different color light with the same perceived intensity to our eyes, a light source whose color is as different as possible from the color of fog illuminated by ambient daylight may be beneficial. That may mean that a 3000K bulb may be different enough from the grey fog color, but still remain within the legal color range to use.

                        But I'd still pick the proper optics first, and then the warmest legal colored bulb second.
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                          Alright, going with Koito bulbs, purple tinted lens for more yellow output, rx350s, and yellow led fogs!


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                            Purple lens will give you purple light lol, the purplish reflector will give yellowish light


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