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Headlight housing build from scratch?

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  • Headlight housing build from scratch?

    I'm in an interesting predicament. I have a 96 International 4700 armored truck. It comes with sealed glass headlights that are mounted with a plastic bezel. This basically means I have no stock headlight housing, just a glass sealed beam and a thin plastic frame. I was thinking of scratch building a headlight housing from nothing. I should note that I'm a fabricator by trade and have full access to a machine shop and a laser cutter. I was going to lasercut a new bezel mount acrylic behind it, then fabricate some type of housing to hold a mini D2S 3.0 projector. My biggest concern will be aiming the assembly once I'm done. Also I doubt I will make them perfectly water tight. I'm not too concerned about the water tight aspect as the only direction water can intrude from is the front.

    Anyone hear of making headlight housings from scratch? Any thoughts?

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    This thread might be a good read - Clear Lens Forming


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      Which size sealed beam? You may be able to buy cheap sealed beam conversion housings on ebay and mount projectors in them. The projectors will stick out the back and you'll have to cover that back, but you'll still have something to start with. That's how most people on here do a retrofit on vehicles with sealed beam headlights. Even if you can't get the exact size, you might find something close enough to give you a head start.

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        I've been working on a custom housing for a 7" round lens for my foglights. You may want to separate the mounts for the housing and the adjustment mechanisms for the aim. In my case, it is a combination of slotted holes and bending the mounting brackets to aim. It is low tech but works for a one-time alignment purpose.

        I took the lens from a generic 7" round headlight, and mounted a portion of the housing to my custom housing. That paper mache piece is just to figure out how much of the donor housing to keep.
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          Thanks Satrya for the info, I think I will tackle a custom headlight housing, but I have bigger fish to fry. on the vehicle right now.


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            Any pictures of the vehicle?
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