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All in one ballast/bulb. Thoughts?

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  • All in one ballast/bulb. Thoughts?

    Just saw these.
    What does the planet think? If you search "all in one ballast" these come up.


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    I'm gonna go ahead and repeat the general consensus on this forum: not OEM=no care. I don't think anything like this would receive a different answer.


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      How on earth are you going to fit that on your head light lol? And think about how heavy that thing will be hanging on the back of the projector, the usual paperclip-style holders won't hold that lol.


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        They're offered in H8, H11, 9005 and 9006 formats only, from what I've gathered, and I think all those bulb sockets are of the twist-lock variety. There's no way a H1 or H7 socket fitment would be able to be used, as they require springs to lock the bulb in.

        Apart from that, I can see additional issues with clearance behind the headlight with this design. Novel idea, but limited real-world applications...

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          yeah, i think the additional weight would add more vibration to the assembly.. i don't think any assembly is rated for that..
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            I wonder how much miniaturization was needed on the power side of the circuit (that supplies the high startup voltage). I can see the signal/controller side being replaced by a small chip, but a proper power delivery can't be easily miniaturized and left robust. There's a reason proper audio amplifiers aren't slim.

            Which brings to the second issue. Is the lifetime expectancy of the bulb side and the ballast/igniter side going to be similar? I suppose the miniaturization can mean the downrating of the ballast's lifetime to match the bulb's.
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              Yeah, I am on board with OEM only. Just saw this and wanted to hear some responses.
              Here's another one :


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                d1s is the only oem fitment that has the ballast on the back of the bulb right? just trying to get my facts straight first..
                The time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time