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Got a new truck. Maybe some advise?

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  • Got a new truck. Maybe some advise?

    Okay so I used to have a dodge Neon. I live in Alaska and the weather is shit up here. Most of you can come to terms with that.

    My old neon in the pic below.

    I used to run 3000k lows and 4300k High's. Well after I got the 4300k highs I fell in love with the color so I switched Highs and lows to 4300k 35w. And changed my 4 Offroad lights on my bumper to 3000k.

    I personally love the color of 3000k.

    My question is.... On trucks. First off does 4300k Low/High and 3000k fogs look good? and is it going to be a drastic increase with the 3000ks like on the neon? Im running stock fogs on the truck.
    Im going to get a set of after market lights for the truck and throw some HIDs in the reflectors until i can afford the Mini H1 setup with the MC-R shrouds with the CCFL behind the (that shit looks sexy ). So anyways what do you guys think? I love 3000k cause the yellow looks cool. But what are your guy's take on this.

    Here is a pic of my new truck too.

    96 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9L 360 136000 miles and i got it for $4,000 Love this thing. Big step from the neon.

    And here are the aftermarket lights im going to get. I will soon be retroing the Mini H1 set up into them. They seem to have good light output and be affordable considering i make MAX about $1,500 a month right now. Poor 20 year old college kid here

    Anything i should look out for with the Mini H1's?

    Thank you all in advance.

    EDIT :

    Found a pic on TRS with the blazer fogs. Are they worth the $160?

    This is with the Mini H1's and Blazer fogs. I want my truck to look like this. exactly.

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    My Avalanche has 4300K in Rx300 Projectors. I like the color, but plan on moving to Phillips 85122+ bulbs because of the "whiter" color as the bulbs color shift. I also plan on eventually switching those projectors to the RX Bixenon projectors, you will understand reason below...

    Personally, being a truck driver, I don't have any plans on getting blazer fogs on my Avalanche or my Yukon. I do a 9 hour drive between central California and Las Vegas atleast twice a month. I go through a few mountain passes on that drive, and having a HID retrofit with a sharp cutoff gives you great down the road visibility, but the second you start going through very hilly and mountain passes, your visibility is crappy. You should hold off on the blazer fogs until you have the Mini H1s and get a chance to drive around with them and your halogen fog lights. Not sure how hilly it is where you live, but its something to consider.

    The factory fog lights on my Yukon Denali are circular (which looks like what you have on the Dodge), and they light up the road and road signs a lot better than my low beams because of that cut-off. The fog lights throw out a large widespread circular beam of light, with lots of spread. On my Avalanche, the factory fog lights are rectangular and have a soft flat cutoff. However, they are aimed drastically higher than my low beams, and because they are aimed high with a very soft cutoff, I can see signs and turns much better than just on the low beams alone, but not better than my Yukon.

    I try to use my high beams as often as I can on my Avalanche, but it sucks when you have those long haul truckers on the opposite lanes. They flash me a lot when I have my halogen fog lights on I find it weird they dont flash when I am in the Yukon with 3000K PNP kit in the fogs (yes i know)

    Nothing like going through a mountain pass in the dark of night at 2 AM, and all of a sudden you see no more reflectors, and boom you turn on your high beams and all of a sudden you see those yellow signs that tell you a sharp turn is ahead and to slow down to 50MPH while pulling a 25ft boat going at 60 MPH (happened last year in my Avalanche, made my trailer do a hopscotch jump and wiggle)
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      there is no way you are going to fit a MC-R in those lights. They are HUGE!


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        Nice truck, my dad has had one since new in '96 and he loves it.


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          Fog lights as far as I know are only supposed to show only a few feet in front of you, not act as driving lights. The ones on that model ram are kinda crappy anyway. Anything you do could only improve the lighting...
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            What lots of people here recommend is lifting the truck, then find an 8000-30000000K PnP kit (easiest to work with) and do the same in your fogs.

            But really I think the FX-R work great in SUVs or pickups, the forground limiter is nice on higher vehicles (mine goes about 8-10 feet in front of my Jeep) and they were designed after the fx35 SUV so it speaks for itself. Gen1 if you can find some!


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              if it were my truck i would get black lights and paint the shroud black too.
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