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H4/9003 interchangable...what about H3, and other bulbs?

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  • H4/9003 interchangable...what about H3, and other bulbs?

    I've been told that H4 bulbs and 9003 bulbs are interchangable..and I've seen a H4 bulb in a 9003 setup, and vice versa.

    How about other bulb types? Are there any other interchangable bulbs?

    H3? etc?


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    that's because i believe that h4 and 9003 are exactly the same as well as hb2. they're just different names for the type of bulb i think.

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      Does anyone know if there are other interchangeable bulbs?

      H4 with 9003
      H3 with 900?
      ? with ?


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        they are the same bulb... just diff name

        its just like 9006 = HB4, 9004 = HB3
        HB4 and 9006 bulbs are sold under one name 9006-HB4, they are all the same.
        All the H series do not have any other names, not that it would matter anyways.

        THERE ARE NO INTERCHANGEABLE HALOGEN BULBS (OEM). <-----thats the whole point of making bulb specific housings.

        9005 and 9006 bulbs can be altered to fit but were not made that way. You have to cut parts of the base to make them fit, they will not simply plug into diff housings. The tip is also dipped on the 9006 unlike the 9005 which is a high beam bulb.
        BTw h = all h3, h7, h1, h11, h9 are the only names and all fit in halogen housings only designed for that base.

        hope that helps, good luck
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          H4 is built for negative grounded systems.

          9003 is built for Positive grounded systems.