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LED vs HID vs OEM-LED, video demonstration.

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  • LED vs HID vs OEM-LED, video demonstration.

    Hi guys. I took some time to do a video on my experiences comparing aftermarket LED to XenonDepot HID to OEM LED (from a 2018 Toyota Camry) Hope you enjoy the video! Looks like Xenon is still tough to beat!

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    OE LED > all


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      Possibly? Guess it depends on optics but my HID setup scored higher lux than a 2018 Toyota Camry OE LED headlight.


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        To my eyes the HID kit looked best when comparing all 3 pieces of driving footage. The beam pattern was the most filled with HID, there was always light at the cutoff, not disappearing in the distance. The foreground looked fine on video. The Camry OEM is certainly interesting in this mix. Is it the same Bi-LED you get on Toyota Fortuners? We don't get Camrys in Egypt because reasons, we get however the Corolla, C-HR, Fortuner and Rush all with optional Bi-LED. I understand that all these 5 OEM examples might have different projectors in them but even one or two might be the same. If you know which are the same please do tell. To my eyes the Rush and Fortuner look really close.
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