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New to Retrofitting, thinking about a quad setup and have some questions

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  • New to Retrofitting, thinking about a quad setup and have some questions

    Just got rid of my MK6 GTI that had some aftermarket headlights and inherited the S/O's B7 Passat with really bad halogen reflectors. Really missing the xenon's I had I the GTI, especially with winter coming and now that I have a 120 mile commute. I'm thinking of getting these aftermarket headlights ( just to change up the look of the car a bit. I want to mod these to make the high beam into a high and low beam. With that I have a few questions.

    1) Should I just change out the projectors in the high beam position or should I replace both with something of a higher quality?
    2) How do I find new projectors that fit in the housing. What are the chances that the mounting patterns are the same?
    3) Will there be any issues if I do quad 50/55W lights? Will the housing actually melt?
    4) What are your best tips for a newbie like me to help me from making mistakes?

    Thanks for all the advice in advance

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    For me, the reason to go with quad (other than it makes the retrofit more interesting/challenging) is to choose 2 different pairs that have slightly different characteristics. For example, if one pair is stronger for highway distance lighting but not as wide for twisty roads, I'd look for another pair that can complement the first pair. I'd also want to have it 3-way switchable, meaning you can choose which pair is on.

    Having both pairs on at the same time isn't necessarily beneficial in the way that we would expect. My quad is set up with a 3-way switch, and in real use, I almost never have both pairs on.

    I assume those units in the headlight housing you're considering are dedicated low and dedicated high beam pairs. So, if you go with a 3-way switch, it makes sense for both pairs to have both high and low beam capabilities.

    Matching a projector than can fit is one thing, but matching projectors whose light patterns can complement is another.

    I would use the headlight housings as-is for at least a month driving freeways and surface streets to have a better sense of what you like / don't like about the beam pattern. A lot of aftermarket housings come with poorly designed low & high beam units.

    There are a few things to keep in mind when running a ballast that is rated higher than OE 35W. First, the combination of higher UV and potentially aftermarket bulbs that may not offer the same UV shielding plus aftermarket projectors with poorer reflective coating quality may mean early bowl damage. Heat in the bowl area shouldn't be as much of an issue for boosted HID, unlike boosted halogen. Second, OE ballasts don't go that high, and there have been threads here where people measured the output of aftermarket boosted ballasts, where the measured output is much lower than the claimed number.

    One more thing, going back to my remark about aftermarket headlights having a high chance of using units with poor beam pattern; don't get rid of the OE halogen reflectors right away. If anything, it may be a good platform to practice tricks/steps for retrofitting, like separating the housing lens etc.

    I have a link in my signature on my 3-way quad wiring; that may be relevant once you get to that step.
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      I would go with two biled/bixenon low beam projectors with good width and two high beam projectors.