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Osram D1S CBI's compared to OE - Porsche Cayenne - NOT IMPRESSED

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  • Osram D1S CBI's compared to OE - Porsche Cayenne - NOT IMPRESSED

    All, I just bought some D1S CBS's to replace my very old OE Osram builds in my 2005 Porsche Cayenne. One bulb was starting to flicker, so it was time (especially after 14 years of use, but only 60K miles).
    So I got them off Amazon, seller PrimeAutoLamps, who said they order directly from Osram. Duo case was sealed on one side, and sealed on the other with the Osram verification tag. I check out the code on the OSram site, and they checked out.
    However, I am not impressed with these. They are brighter, and they should be compared to my old bulbs, but to me the beam pattern is not as "smooth" or uniform. By that I mean, from the bottom half of the light down it seems streaky or that it has "rays" of light rather than just even light, like the OE bulbs. You can see this in my pic against the garage door. Left side is the CBI, right side is the original OE Osram. Yes the original bulb is dimmer, but its a nice uniform light. Also, the bright spot seems really concentrated to one spot with the CBI's.
    Does this appear normal to everyone?

    Also, Im not the happiest with the color. Indeed they are whiter than the stock bulbs, but not as much as I was hoping, with a yellow/green tint to them. I have heard they need to burn in, so I will be patient. The front pic of the car shows OE on the left passenger side, CBI on the right drivers side.

    Im newer to this and would appreciate some feedback from those that look at these beam patterns more than me.
    Thanks everyone
    Guess Im not sure how to post pictures, assumed I could just attach them.

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    yeah you'd have to post the pics elsewhere and show them here. Without seeing the pics, who knows. If you're sure they are genuine, then maybe just being brighter means you can notice the streaks easier? Or maybe something isn't installed quite right.


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      So I need to post pics on another site, and then link to them here, correct?
      Installation is correct, I double checked to make sure the bulbs are seated all the way in, and with D1S bulbs, which have a female slot for the tab in the housing, they can only be installed one way.
      It might be because they are brighter, I had thought of that.