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OEM HID flicker

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  • OEM HID flicker

    I've got OEM Xenon headlights in a 2003 Audi A4. My passenger side light is starting to flicker. It seems to flicker sometimes when hitting bumps, sometimes on smooth roads but I have yet to see it flicker when the car is stationary. I checked the connections between bulb and ballast last night, seemed fine. The connection to the ballast from the car seems OK unless there is a wiring issue inside the headlight housing.

    Bulbs are brand new Osram D1S. Projectors are Valeo junk and ballasts are OEM as well.

    Is it just the junk Valeo stuff dying or should I be looking at something else?

    Should I just scrap those at this point and do a bixenon retrofit in the NIB spare housings I have?

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    So, no responses. Bad Osram bulb. It went out a couple days after this post. Had about 2 weeks of use on it and basically zero salts.


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      Osram bulbs aren’t known to do that. Is it possible you bought a fake? Where did you purchase them?


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        Came with the car when I bought the car. Guy that I bought the car from was an Audi mechanic. The box and all the markings match the OSRAM bulbs that were in the car when I got it. Replaced the pair since one was starting to go purple and fail. Likely due to age and use.

        Yup, basically no salts in the bulb. I'm going to warranty the bulb even though I'll not use them after my retrofit. These will be spare headlights.


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          Could you post some pictures of them? Also (if you’re willing to) there is a foolproof way to tell when it comes to D1S bulbs. This video shows how to check them.


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            I'll try to get a couple pics tonight. I'm also working on a starter problem in my other rig and that takes priority. Osram did tell me that because they are Xenarc they will not warranty them in the US. They told me Night Breaker and Xenarc are euro spec and not for road use in the US.


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              Pics attached.

              And the bulb with no salts.


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                Hard to tell real from fake bulbs these days, fakes are getting good... visually. But if they died like that, likely fake.

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                  Not really worried. Got some MH1s to get rid of the Valeo junk and no more D1S Very well could be illegitimate. The color seemed off. Not sure what the source of these was.


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                    Did you try opening them like in the video?


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                      No. Not opening them at this time. I have a vehicle down then a set of lights to retrofit. These are not a priority. I'll update if I get to it.