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  • Low intensity of light

    Hello friends. I come with a query that has left me without an answer. Until recently I had not asked to solve the problem that the lights of my Alfa 156 were turned off. But a few days before solving it, I discovered a sudden problem. Suddenly, the lights have lost intensity. Both sides. I have a relay installed, and they worked very well, but now I have that problem. Less than a month ago, I made the alternator again, and I have measured the voltage in the low light tab being 12,38v, so I do not think that is the problem. A while ago I changed the bulbs from 4300k to 6000k that I had before and practically there are no changes. The whole kit does not have not even 3 years old. And the 4300 bulbs that I just changed are at the most 6 months. It looked very good and suddenly it was under tension. Could they be the ballast? I do not want to think that. I have Hylux 35w, morimoto 7.0 and Cnlight h1. Any suggestions?