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Interesting post comparing halogen/HID/LED bulbs

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  • Interesting post comparing halogen/HID/LED bulbs

    Somewhat of an interesting post Not sure how I feel about some things he says but overall I good educational post

    He also did one for brighter 921 reverse lights. Which is pretty interesting
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    Interesting thread. Thanks for sharing.

    That Tacoma headlight uses a very popular Koito H11 halogen projector that is used in over two dozen different vehicles.

    I'll have to pick up the GE Megalight +130 based on his results to see if it can outperform the Osram H9 in that Koito projector.


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      I didn't think that a performance H11 halogen bulb could offer such a major increase in output at the hot spot. If they can match the performance of the H9 conversion without the drawbacks (heat, glare, and bulb modification), I'd love to give them a try. However, I'm not convinced that the Megalight +130's OVERALL performance is superior to the H9. Sure, the hot spot may be more intense, but what about the width? My guess is that the +130's width falls short of the H9's as you get further away from the hot spot.

      I've been driving with the OEM Philips Standard H11's in my Accord for the past few months, and honestly they're absolutely fine other than their width. I can see well enough straight down the road, but its the width that leaves a lot to be desired. It's most apparent in sharp curves, where I can hardly see anything around the curve because the light output at the outer reaches of the beam is abysmal. H9's are definitely better in that regard, and LED's like the G11 (and even the Turbine5 aka VLEDS Micro LED) are better still. With the stock halogens, I find myself having to use the fog lights (which I have aimed pretty much horizontal, which I know is bad LOL) to help me see around curves.

      I'd love to see how the GE's compare to the standard H11 and an H9 on evo77's test grid. The +130's hot spot may be impressive, but I'm more concerned with the rest of the beam and how it compares to the others. After all, if we only focus on hot spot intensity, even the horrible Koito LED bulbs I have don't seem so bad compared to a standard H11 halogen.

      I was going to buy the GE's from Powerbulbs, but it seems they're sold out. Same deal on Amazon. Hmmm...I wonder why? Could it be because the Tacoma crowd bought them all based on that thread? I swear, I've never seen a more rabid community when it comes to lighting products. I'm willing to bet that Tacoma (and 4Runner) owners buy more aftermarket lighting products than anyone else. Go on any site that sells LED bulbs and HID kits (XenonDepot, TRS, Amazon, etc.) and I guarantee that more than 50% of the reviews for any given product are by Tacoma or 4Runner owners. LOL, what's wrong with those guys? /rant


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        I have the GE +130 and the Osram NB Laser on the way for testing.

        In the Koito H11 halogen projector the H9 has an average of 47% increase (3 test points) in distance lighting over a standard H11.

        The H9 also increases by 51% at 15 degrees left and 44% at 15 degrees right.

        So I would say that width definitely can improve with H9. However a LED replacement outperforms the H9 in width (20-30% additional increase) but can't quite match center intensity. No LED can.