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Need Help Opening Aftermarket Tails

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  • Need Help Opening Aftermarket Tails

    I am trying to open some aftermarket tails to paint them the same color as my truck. They appear to have some type of glue on the inside (the gray-ish clear in the below photo) that may come apart with a heat gun or the oven method, but I am not sure if this is the actual glue that holds the lens on. And after completely butchering the 3rd brake light to try to do the same thing, I am hesitant to just jump right in. The 3rd brake light appeared to be plastic welded that I tried a heat gun, razor blade, hot razor blade along the seam and wound up cracking the living hell out of it.

    I am thinking I will need to cut into it from the back, but before I jump into this, I would like any and all advise please!

    Anyways, here are the pics!

    You can see the glue here

    There is some weird tab here that I afraid to tug on.

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    Most tails are sonic welded. I always used a hot knife....$30 from your decor store.


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      locking because it's a duplicate with less posts.

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