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XTR H4/9003 Relay Harness Install Guide or Diagram?

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  • XTR H4/9003 Relay Harness Install Guide or Diagram?

    Couple of things actually:
    1. Update your product photos because the harness I got was not the one pictured on the site. Also consider showing the diode box that's included with this harness. I wasn't expecting there to be a separate box. It's just one more thing that I'll have to tuck away and/or zip tie.
    2. Is there an install guide for this or a wiring diagram? I'm coming from a Morimoto Motocontrol which, despite its known issues, was super simple to install. I'm not sure where the diode box included with this XTR harness goes. Only reason I'm switching from the MotoControl is because I would feel better knowing that each headlight has its own relay rather than everything passing through the Morimoto unit.