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    Originally posted by FurstMan View Post

    Although I am new here, I understand the boredom of other members. I came across this topic precisely because of this very annoying problem and like many I don't understand why you don't delete this image. The "source" button solution is an unconvincing hack that does not take full advantage of the other features of the text editor.

    Thank you and good day.

    Thats fine for the people who are on a computer but mobile users aren't able to do anything with the code and same for those who don't know nothing about computers lol this image should be removed by the administration for ease of use by their forum users
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      omg.. how has this not been fixed yet?
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        Originally posted by ThunderOne View Post
        omg.. how has this not been fixed yet?
        because nobody who owns this site can or will


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          lol, I'be been searching for a solution to this. glad I found this thread, but wow what a pain


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            Thanks for the info. LOL