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    The drivers seem to be designed to be mounted pretty much next to or near the Controller that you're utilizing. I assume this because the driver has a short end jst connection and a much longer end. The shorter end (6 inches) plugs into the controller and the longer end (~36 inches or something) runs to your halos\device. Which ultimately would be sticking out the back of the headlight. In my application I'm trying to have the least amount of wiring in the engine bay and the headlight housing can easily accommodate a driver inside of it. With that being said, would I experience any problems if i basically do the opposite as designed and shorten the halo\device side of the drivers wire and connect it internally to the halo inside the housing. And just create\extend RGB wiring from the controller all the way to the headlight housings?

    I guess what im trying to ask is if the drivers have a shorter\longer input and output JST cable for any functional reason besides on where the drivers are designed to be mounted(in engine bay next to BT controller). I know for example, when dealing with sk6812 or WS2812/13/15 etc LED strips, length of strips and such matter because of voltage drop. But in this case its a slightly different scenario and i think its obviously fine, just wanted to get others advice\knowledge.