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2017 MDX Jewel Eyes into 2007 Accord Retrofit

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  • 2017 MDX Jewel Eyes into 2007 Accord Retrofit

    I Have a set of headlights out of a 2017 Acura MDX and I wanted to put the jewel eyes in my Accord headlights. Has anyone done a similar retrofit, or measured these housings and projectors? I want to see if this is going to be a feasible project or if I should try for a different LED Projector for this project. I already have 4GTL-Rs in my headlights and haven't really been happy with my output and want to change up the look a bit.

    On a side note, has anyone installed a DRL Strip on a harness that uses a 9005 connector for DRL and High beam? I am wondering how to go about this and if I want to install the DRL strip.