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Both HIDs won't light

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  • Both HIDs won't light

    I've been running the same HID kit for a LONG time. I've replaced the bulbs once in the last 10 years. Details:

    Bulbs: Morimoto XB H11 4300K
    Ballasts: Morimoto 3Five (35w)
    Wire Harness/Relay: Morimoto H8/H9/H11 HD Relay Harness

    Unfortunately, all of a sudden neither headlight will light. I've attempted to check power with a multimeter all the way down to the ballast. My installation makes it difficult to access all parts of the system, but here is what I've checked.

    - Inline fuse is good. Power to the fuse.
    - Fuse is not blown
    - Power to stock socket when headlights on.
    - Power coming OUT of relay where ballast connects to relay when headlight switch on (only checked one side)

    Are there any additional spots to check for power other than trying to throw a new ballast and light at it? Is it even possible for BOTH ballasts or BOTH lights to fail at the exact same time?​ Is it possible this could be caused by a failing car battery? The car starts, but I DID have to put it on a charger when we had a huge heat wave for about a week. When car is running, voltage to the ballast measures at 13.7 volts.

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    maybe a bad ground. Depends on how you checked the power this could be possible.
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      Ground was checked with one lead on the wire coming out of the fuse box to:
      - Both sides of the inline fuse on the ground wire.
      - Through the wire's insulation (lead poked through)
      - To the ground screw itself (ground terminates at top radiator support)

      I also have some more odd behavior following the initial occurance.

      2 days ago both lights lit perfectly.

      Today, passenger side lights perfectly. Drivers side flickers on ACC but lights full when started and the alternator kicks in.
      Using a known good ballast on the drivers side on ACC also lights full.

      To me, this seems like there may be a voltage issue (bad battery) mixed with aging ballasts. It seems awfully unlikely that both ballasts would fail at exactly the same time. Any thoughts?​


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        Bad batteries can lead to lots of bad behaver on a car. so that might be your first thing to replace. ALso only one coming on and the others flickering can come from bad batteries. But I would check all electricial contact points as well.
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