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Led headlight and fog lights wiring issue

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  • Led headlight and fog lights wiring issue

    I have an 04 Forester XT. I just installed led projector headlights and led fog lights. To get the headlights to work properly I had to add resistors to both low beams and one high beam. Ive tried many combinations and this it what "worked". Ive been emailing back and forth with the retrofit source and they weren't mush help at all and they take forever to respond.
    The issue I'm having now is the high beam indicator stays on and my fog lights don't work with resistor on the high beam. If I remove that resistor, the headlights don't switch from low to high smoothly.

    I can't find much of anything specific to my vehicle and lighting setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Update: After finding the wiring diagram for the headlights, I determined that the two wires in the adapter harness the guy from Morimoto told me to switch were right to begin with. So I switched them back. Fog lights work normally and so does the high beam indicator. The problem now is that the high beams stay on. Only way to turn them off is to turn the lights off all together or unplug the HighBeams on the ballast.
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    I wonder if lightwerkz would know more about that