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Extending D3S bulb cable

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  • Extending D3S bulb cable

    So I installed morrimoto D3S kits to replace the OEM D3S setup.
    Long story short, the cable going from the ballast to the bulb is too short.
    There does not appear to be any aftermarket D3S ballast to bulb cable that is longer than the standard 12" piece. I need something like 20" long.

    the cable appears to have some kind of metallic sheath to prevent electro radiation interference? So I cant just use regular wire to extend it.
    - Is it possible to modify the wires and extend it?
    - if yes, what kind of wire should I use?
    - does each individual lead (there is three leads) need to be wrapped in metallic sheathing?
    - will extending the wires that cause any kind of issues with powering the bulbs?

    Thanks in advance!

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    It's generally never recommended to extend ballast wires. I've done splicing, but never extending. I suppose you could give it a shot and hope it works.


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      Why is it not recommended?
      For the common type of HID kits you can buy extension leads.

      do I have to use some kind of metalic sheathing protected wires?


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        Well, for all the reasons you stated. But it should hopefully be fine if you have good shielding to prevent noise and arcing, and if you make the connections well enough, and the wire is high enough gauge, etc. It still might have trouble firing the bulb reliably.