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Projector type B6 Passat w/ AFS

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  • Projector type B6 Passat w/ AFS

    Hey folks. Wondering if anybody would happen to know what type or style of projector is in my 2007 Passat with Valeo AFS Bixenon headlamps.
    They are awful and I recently bought a set of Morimoto EvoX-R 2.0 projectors and Osram CBH D1S bulbs to swap in their place. I'm obviously a car guy but I will admit I know very little about the intricacies of HID lights. I'm wondering if these are going to be a "bolt in" affair or will I need some sort of adapter plate to make them work?
    Once I get these lights separated there's no going back and if I need to order parts I'd rather do it now than wait 2-3 weeks (the joys of being a Canadian) for parts to get here while my car is in pieces.
    Thanks in advance.