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Koito bi-LED projector shrouds

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  • Koito bi-LED projector shrouds

    Pulled a set of Koito projectors out of some busted headlights in a Toyota GT86 found in a local salvage yard, plan on retrofitting them into some new headlight assemblies for the wife's Hyundai Elantra.

    What's a good fitting shroud on these projectors? The lens dome itself is 2.5" from edge to edge, but the body of the projector is pretty large and will certainly need some good coverage from a shroud to hide it's frame... I would just model and 3D print one, but I would like to keep them chrome to keep them mostly OEM looking in the end, and I’m not sure that would work out very well with a 3D printed shroud lol.

    Is there a go-to shroud with these, or can I just go with any shroud that's large enough (2.5” or 3” with an adapter ring) and aesthetically catches my eye?

    I've done several retrofits with Morimoto Mini's and their cheap clones and those are super slim and easy to conceal with just a mini gatling shroud, but these are the first I've messed with that are large bodied...

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    Hello @hrnothfl I used koito projectors recently and added a small plastic ring to be able to mount normal 3 inch shrouds. Check out the projector retrofit section for pictures. I used iris shrouds but altered them. The black circle around the lense looked very good in my eyes.
    Subaru Outback retrofit:
    License plate lights with dual brightness: