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2014 Silverado LTZ brackets

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  • 2014 Silverado LTZ brackets

    I have a set of LTZ housings, which have the factory projectors. I have a set of G5R projectors.... I talked to Phil at fastheadlights and he sells brackets for swapping the FXR and D2S 5.0 but he's not sure the 5.0 brackets will work on the G5R.

    Can anyone help confirm compatibility of the brackets for the G5R? Seems fastheadlights is the only one selling brackets for the 2014-2015 ltz. Others seem to have brackets for the 2500 and newer 1500's

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    The 2500 and 3500 up through 19 are the same as the 14-15 1500 trucks. And for some reason I thought the g5 has a different bolt pattern. Im getting ready to remove my g5-brt and swap in a set of ngk gen4 plus bi-led in mine.