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BMW X1 NHK Bi-Led Retrofit wiring Help

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  • BMW X1 NHK Bi-Led Retrofit wiring Help

    Hey All I've got a few questions about install led projectors in my car.

    I've got a '13 BMW X1 that i will be retrofitting NHK gen V bi-leds into the stock valeo housings The issue I know I'm going to run into is how I would power the NHK projectors. Attached is a picture of the housings. The red arrow is where I think the power is coming from since thats where the D1S igniter is coming from. Should I tap into the 2 black wires or should I tap into the igniter for power?

    Also as a side note, if i have demon eyes running all the time by tapping into my angel eye wires (blue arrow), would I have any issues?

    Would I have any errors since I'm going from xenon to leds?

    Am I better off with something like the G5-Brt? The Original projector size is roughly 98.5mm W X 82mm H X 133.5 D

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm trying for something that's straight forward and with little modifications.

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    The wiring is a tough question. How many wires go into the headlight and how are they routed?

    Demon eyes should not be a problem. I think.
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