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Mini One F56 Halogen ... to LED !?

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  • Mini One F56 Halogen ... to LED !?

    Hey there from overseas,

    I am having a big struggle right now. I am currently driving a '15 Mini One F56 with awful Halogen headlights. It doesnt matter what kind of bulbs I throw in, the headlights emit a horrible amount of light onto the ground. It looks to me that 80% of the light is reflected directly in the first 10m in front of my car - even with the highest possible height setting. IPF LED aftermarket H4 bulbs are for now "okay", but not amazing either.

    Since I need to drive a lot in the night in non-illuminated areas I plan to upgrade the light.

    The sad thing is, that there are a lot of reasons why it's so hard to me to upgrade. (No, buying a new car is not an option, I love this one.)

    - buying OEM headlights and installing them is not possible (full cablework needed), cost would be around 4500(!)$
    - installing aftermarket HID projector in OEM reflector-housing is not allowed due Germany's TÜV / ECE regulations (Police will notice faster than your able to tell)

    There are plenty of China-headlights with HID kits pre-installed - I have to say that I do not trust them. I dont know what quality those headlights are made off, guess it'll be a waste of money.

    Last night I did some research about high quality HID kits from Morimoto and so on, and I found the Morimoto M-LED BILED kit.

    I have absolutely no idea if my ideas are possible to realize, that's why I am here now.

    - buying two LED OEM headlights (used they're maybe 350$ for both)
    - removing LED OEM projectors and LED chips
    - painting the inner housing in some decent colours
    - removing OEM DRL strip
    - installing RGB LED strip
    - installing Morimoto M-LED kit with connectors to H4 plug?

    Since the OEM headlight will just have some different LED projectors in it, neither TÜV or Police will notice and I finally will be able to see something at night...

    Big thanks in advance, I hope my basic english is enough to explain my problems.

    Greetings from Germany

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    I don't see a question?

    But my opinion is that you should research other biled projectors. The MLED has some good features however for the price point you may find other biled projectors more appealing. Just research "biled".


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      Sorry if it was unclear, my question is if it sounds like a doable thing - or if it's beyond of crazy in effort to spent on.

      I looked up some other BI-LED models, but if I get it right the Morimoto one's are the brightest and nicest in colour.

      I want to have a decent looking result with nice long lasting LEDs in it, so I would be willing to pay that amount of money.

      If there are brighter and same nice looking LED projectors for less money, I'd throw an eye on it ofc.


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        Bauhaus Did you do the projector retrofit on your Mini, I have a '15 with halogen lights and would like to do the same. Any tips. Thanks