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Thread: Retrofitting HID lights in a car that uses a sealed beam bulb.

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    Retrofitting HID lights in a car that uses a sealed beam bulb.

    I'm pretty sure this question comes up a lot, but I was wondering, how can I retrofit HID lights on a car that uses sealed beam bulbs?

    I wouldn't be too concerned if the lights the common 4x6, but these lights really look like average fog light sized. They're the H4351 sealed beam bulbs. I've posted a picture of them below.


    94-97 Camaros were known to have these bulbs, but the car that I'm working on is a Cutlass Supreme of the same era.

    Do i have any sort of option for these type of bulbs short of a "pnp" HID kit? These headlights are essentially 9006 bulbs, except that they have a whole housing to be swapped out when replacing them.

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    Why not retrofit?
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    ^ have you seen how small they are? they're tiny. not much will fit in one man lol. they're like 2x3
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    You could totally fit LS460s in there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRSAndrew View Post
    You could totally fit LS460s in there...
    You would lol

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    perhaps a matchbox projector?
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    A matchbox projector is probably the best bet with a custom front headlight lens. That or something crazy LED based.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TRSAndrew View Post
    You could totally fit LS460s in there...
    +13 -- LS460 all the way...haha

    But in all seriousness as others have noted already, the H1 Matchbox projectors may be the best bet.

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    I haven't seen one out of the car or really looked under the hood, but new Toyota Avalons have a headlight that appears to be 2 square shaped lenses in front of a single bowl. I will try to look at one tomorrow, I work on Mopar but we sell Yotas at our dealership as well. The 2 square lenses side by side look like maybe 3"x6" meaning each one is 3"x3". Not sure how much room you got behind to work with. Or maybe there is a fog light with decent throw to retro into 1 side for a low beam. Remembering the lights on those old Camaros & Firebirds the way I do an H3 HID based projector foglight would give you better light to see with. Those old lights sucked bad.
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    JW speaker makes replacment LED lights. that would be your best bet
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