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Thread: What's the best aftermarket headlight assembly?

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    What's the best aftermarket headlight assembly?

    I'm looking for a good quality headlight assembly to (ideally) just drop in a HID kit, or possibly buy a more expensive retrofit HID set. Anyway, most I see come with halos and I know if I buy a retrofit, I will order a MUCH better halo, but either way, I am looking for a really good quality aftermarket headlight.

    My current factory lens is all clouded up and full of water (7th gen Honda Civic), so I've got to get new lights anyway and I would just as soon get some nice looking halos, even if they are on the "cheap" side.

    I've been looking at: ZS Racing, Spyder, K2Motor, Spec D, IPCW, CG, ... the list goes on...

    What would my best option be?

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    Those are all the same. Unfortunately, none of the aftermarket head lights available are anywhere close to OEM quality, look, and output. You will have the best luck with an OEM replica head light, but the halos and projectors are terrible. Then, do a proper retrofit with nice halos in the OEM head lights, and it will be well worth the effort, trust me!

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    Halo's suck

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    all those aftermarket lights will have horrible output even with halogen. with hid they will be a disaster unless you plan to swap out the projectors with real hid version.

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