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Thread: Auxiliary High Beam?

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    Auxiliary High Beam?

    I'm looking for a good set of halogen lights to use as high beams, and read lots of good reviews on the Hella 500's (especially with 100w bulbs). I have room for a ~6" diameter light (I know the 500's are almost 7") and was wondering if there where any better/cheaper alternatives? I'm looking for a round light.

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    I posted this up in another thread a while back:

    Quote Originally Posted by NFT5 View Post
    Hella 500 (160mm) = 1 lux @ 482m

    Lightforce 170 = 1 lux @ 650m

    Hella Rallye 4000 Compact (170mm) = 1 lux @ 680m

    Hella Rallye 4000 = 1 lux @ 700m

    Lightforce 240 = 1 lux @ 900m

    Converted to HID you could probably add 30% to these distances.

    Even in the 160-170mm category, the Hella 500's are fairly ordinary. Compared to the bigger lights they'
    Quote Originally Posted by NFT5 View Post
    Guys, there are two golden rules with reflector lights.
    1. If the quality of the reflectors are equal then the light with the deeper reflector that more approaches a true parabolic shape wins.
    2. If the lights have a similar shape but one is bigger then the bigger one will throw more light, further.

    Hella 500's have a comparatively shallow reflector and are made to fit a particular price point. They don't have the depth to really control the light so output tends to be very broad, and therefore not long range. The quality of the reflector simply isn't up to the same standard of reflectivity as the more expensive lights. Sure, they'll look bright, face on, but as I posted above, their performance will not be anywhere near a more expensive, better quality light. This is supported by doublejz personal experience, above. Remember, 1 lux at 482m.

    If you have HID headlights then your driving lights need to be balanced in terms of their output with your headlights. Daniel Stern recommends halogen headlights and driving lights like Cibie Oscar and Super Oscar. This is not because the Cibies are particularly bright, they're not. But they are well designed and control the light exceptionally well so they fit with the pattern and light output of a halogen headlight so the combined result is outstanding vision. Lights don't have to be bright to be good. Just look at how many on this forum have been down the track of 50w HID lights but have since gone back to 35 watt, often saying that they can actually see better and further without the glare.

    It's a very similar situation with driving lights when you have HID headlights. The foreground (out to maybe 200m) is very well lit. In order to get the same degree of lighting further out (say out to 600+m) you're going to need a light that is better than the norm by the same order of magnitude as your HID headlights are better than a halogen. You simply won't get this with an el cheapo department store light.

    Ramy, you've already acknowledged that you have plenty of light out to 100m, or more. To get an equivalent amount of light on the road further out you're going to need a light that throws a long, pencil beam where all that output is concentrated. Unfortunately, that means that to get the performance you want/need you're going to have to buy a light that is more expensive. Assuming you don't want a huge light like the LF240, then the best performer in the 6-7" size is the Hella Rallye 4000 Compact with an output of 1 lux at 680m. With thanks to angshan who added your local prices, they're actually not bad value, either.

    Remember, when you're comparing light output in lux, that light does not reduce in a straight line proportion to distance, rather in an inverse square relationship. Thus the Rallye 4000 is not 50% better than the 500, it's more like 350% better!

    Seems to me that a light that costs twice as much but gives 3-4 times the performance is actually better value.
    I'm amazed that people who are interested in vehicle lighting will instal HID projectors for their improved performance and then settle for second rate auxiliary lights that can hardly be seen with the strong foreground that comes with most HID's.

    Incidentally, there is a new player on the block if you can go to 8" lights. Fyrlyt.
    5000 lumens from a halogen light is pretty impressive and price here is under $300/light. Good value for performance.

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    I've got a pair of Rallye 4000 compacts on my Focus with 100W H1s in them, very good light.

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    I agree with most of what NFT5 writes.

    I use a set of 100w Cibie Super Oscar driving lights on the front on my G37X when I'm helping setup and run car rallies. Despite the fact I have bi-xenon headlights in the G37X the Super Oscars really help. There's no reason a good halogen driving light cannot work with HID high beams. I've also seen Cibie Oscar+ and Hella Rallye 4000 driving lights work just fine with HID high beams.

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