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Thread: HID Experts - Quiz, which one is OEM?

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    generally speaking beam pattern refers to the light distribution underneath the cutoff line. in rare cases i have seen projectors with pnp hids glare more above the cutoff, but those are an exception. above the cutoff, there should not be any bright light and in fact projectors have less glare than halogen reflectors and look about as bright as a parking light. to be honest i dont think you will gain much doing a retrofit with hid projectors over what you have now. the "glare" problem is more that other lower cars can see some of the light below the cutoff. i bet trucks will never flash you because they are always seeing above the cutoff.

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    Thank you guys.

    Both of you have reassured me that my newbish (yet I feel like well-educated from all the info I have gotten from this forum) opinion that my PnP in halogen projectors are safe enough to drive with and do not cause much glare is justified.
    If anyone else reading this would like to comment on whether or not they work (or don't) please feel free! I would greatly appreciate that.

    At this time, I think I am just going to get the Morimoto Elite HID system. If the flashings really start or if I get a ticket, then I'll try projectors. Maybe what happened tonight was just a hater.

    Also, for those of you who are interested (since long posts are always boring without pictures)... this is what my stock halogens looked like.
    Not sure if halogens are supposed to have an even distribution of light, but the hotspots look a lot worse than compared to the HID PnP!

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