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Thread: Package "delivered" but no where to be found...

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    ive had the post office lose packages before too, and then a month later it somehow got to my house.

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    I had this happen to me. Bought a set of TYC headlights off amazon. First the tracking said it was missing and will deliver it tomorrow. Well the UPS stopped in front of my house. He went to the back and said he doesn't have the package for me... IM LIKE FML. Called up amazon and they over nighted me a package. I hope Matt put insurance on your stuff. Cuz I know for sure they ups does have 100 on it when you ship with them, and you can usually add more insurance.

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    i forgot about this thread (since i posted twice about this xD) but my issue turned out to be a mistake on UPS's part but my package was returned to me by my neighbor.

    can a mod please close this thread?

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    It's already closed
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