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Thread: 3five 6000k vs xb35 5000k

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    3five 6000k vs xb35 5000k

    ok so i took the plunge and got the xb35 5000k what i noticed is there is a difference but its not a huge jump in brightness id say 15 to 20 percent brighter but i did move from 6000k to 5000k so of course its going to be better i also noticed that the 5000k cuts thru the orange street lights alot better than the 6000k ok so now onto the pics but before i go on yes i do know my cutoff isnt perfect and yes my house is green haha and yes i do see the orange cutoff its because i painted the shield black and iam not on a level surface ohhh and i have about 4 hrs run time on the 6000k

    381725929_IMG_8374_122_504lo.JPGok 5000k on passenger side 6000k driver

    381710186_IMG_8370_122_15lo.JPGsame as about 5000k passenger 6000k driver
    381765558_IMG_8380_122_394lo.JPGboth 5000k

    to conclude i do think it was worth the extra $30 and hopefully the uv myth isnt true ohh and iam running morimoto 35w ballast
    and the MH1 kit

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    This would be the current gen XB35s I assume? the one that says XB35 on it I believe instead of Philips something.

    Thanks for putting up the pics of the 5000k, really was hoping to see them in action.

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    correct these are the current ones ....i hope they get brighter after i break them in =)

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    Nice. I always love to see some new pics!
    Congrats on the jump lol

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