Hi all,

I want to upgrade the lighting on my Kawazaki Z1000SX, also known as the Ninja 1000 in USA/AUS.

I know that it is possible without modding too much, as there are kits with the Morimoto Mini H1 available on the net.
All are also with the Mini Gatling Gun shrouds, none with the (newer ?) Mini Graphite shrouds.

This is a mod done by Lightwerkz on the same bike:

his is done with the Mini Gatling Gun shrouds.

Depth 52mm
Width 90mm
Height 90mm
Lens Compatibility 2.5 Mini H1
LensRecommended CCFL Diameter 70mm

I prefer to have the Mini Graphite Shrouds installed, but the are a bit bigger

Depth 57mm
Width 100mm
Height 88mm
Lens Compatibility 2.5 Mini H1
LensRecommended CCFL Diameter 80mm

As you can see on the pictures of the retrofitted headlight, there is not much extra space left (this is confirmed by another person who had the same mod done by Lightwerkz).
I want to have CCFL angel eyes, There is not enough place to put them on the Mini Guns, but because they are placed inside the Mini Graphites (correct ?), it could be that it would work.

I don't want to do any heavy mods on the original housing & reflectors, but doing some work with the Dremel on the schrouds wouldn't be a problem.
As I see it now, the mini Graphite is just wider (& 5 mm deeper), but also less high. so I should be able to get rid of the extra width on the sides of the housing, as there I have place enough (I have only limited depth & height I think.

How close can the Angel Eyes, Bi-xenon or shroud be placed to the transparent headlight glass ?

A final question would be: If I paint the original reflector in black, would there be a way to convert the process (paint it back to mirror like silver ?) (its still illegal to do these mods in Belgium but the Ninja's OEM lighting is just too crappy)

If you have other suggestions, feel free to give them, they're appreciated!

Cheerz, Fré