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Thread: HID bulbs in halogen projector

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    HID bulbs in halogen projector

    n'tSo I was wondering if HID bulbs can be placed in a halogen projector (not reflector). Like for example, the new subaru wrx's come with halogen bulbs but in a halogen projector. Would the beam pattern or cutoff be affected if an HID bulb is used instead?

    I have a mini cooper and wanted to get these headlights. The guy I contacted said HID bulbs wouldn't work. I wan to know if it really matters cause some people put HIDs in even reflector housings. Also, will the bulb be too hot and melt the halogen projector?

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    Some halogen projectors actually give out a decent beam pattern (4Runner), other's, well, I would rather strap a flashlight to the hood.

    It just depends. It may or may not be decent.

    Why not just buy OEM HID projector housings for your Cooper?

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    Stay away from those aftermarket "halo projector" lights. Although they usually have a flat cutoff, but the beam pattern is just horrible and not very wide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcg795 View Post
    Stay away from those aftermarket "halo projector" lights. Although they usually have a flat cutoff, but the beam pattern is just horrible and not very wide.


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    Grand Prix Projectors LOl

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    I would be cautious about putting HID's in halogen projectors because they will not likely have proper cutoff. I put an aftermarket set in my 2009 wrx (which had halogen projetors) and although the light output was significantly better than halogen bulbs, glare was terrible for oncoming drivers - those things would blind people on a highway overpass as I'm driving by on the highway. Took them out shortly after for safety reasons.

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    First off, it's illegal as are most of the things we do here - fyi before you make the plunge. It's a direct violation of DOT law to put an HID kit in a housing designed for halogen bulbs except for off-road use or somethin to that effect... A retrofit can become legal if you get them DOT certified or something?

    In any case, now that the pseudo-disclaimer is out of the way,

    HID kits have too much variation in how their bulbs are constructed to give a definitive answer - it'll differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. There's a very large chance that you'll need to get rid of squirrel spotters since they'll be much brighter than intended (duh! HID are much brighter than halogen)... but beyond that, the cutoff characteristics have always been similar enough that the light should stay below the cutoff line. And don't expect it to compare to real HID projectors..

    Just do it, take pictures w/ it against the wall at 10ft and 25ft... and we'll tell u bad or good and hopes that you proceed in a responsible manner.

    BTW, Aftermarket headlight housings w/ projectors in there are mostly crap. I haven't seen any w/ good projectors yet... if your car comes stock w/ halogen projectors, those are much better. Or.. retrofit.

    Not sure about coopers, but the hardest part of a retrofit for me (mh1-wise) is having to remove the bumper to get the headlights out.

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    haha good old "triple beam" halo projectors. the output is worse than a fog light and with hid, you wont even be able to see the road at night.

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    What makes pnp HID kit in halogen projector headlights not suitable/uncomfortable is not the cut-off but the beam pattern. Most halogen projectors are not designed to spread the beam, so installing an HID will result a lot of foreground lighting.
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