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Thread: Cleaning Inside of Headlight Lens.

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    Cleaning Inside of Headlight Lens.

    Yeah what the title says, what can i use to clean the inside of the headlight lens? Since i heard that the inside is more sensitive than the outside. Thanks.

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    I'd also like to know! Is there something to be used for that??

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    Compressed air, if you wipe it you will scratch it.

    Personally when I pull a lens off I seal up with plastic wrap and bubble wrap. Keeps everything out.

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    A very light non abrasive soapy solution, once all debris is out, wipe it with a paper towel gently, and then rinse with distilled water. We then get all the water out with compressed air, but if you don't have access to compressed air, you can spot clean with a fresh quality micro fiber.

    You can scratch the lenses if you catch any debris inside.

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    Thanks LW - good advice.

    I'd advise against paper towels though; detailers will tell you that thay can contain microscopic bits of metal, as most brands are from recycled stock. Also the paper cellulose fibers can be rather sharp & harsh. Hence - the potential is there to scratch.

    A fresh, High-quality MF towel is best, if you need to touch it with anything, once washed out. Like car finishes, the less you need to physically touch it, the better.

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    Thanks for the reply everyone. I'll try the MF towel. =)

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    yea, i scratched the inside of my lenses up just enough for me to notice personally and it bugs the crapp outta me. Say NO to paper towels!!!

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    paper towel?
    christ the cheap ones are like 320 sandpaper
    I would avoid making contact at all....compressed air and hope for the best.
    I've seen an RX330 get totalled from cleaning

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    When I have the lenses out (like I do that on a daily basis, not) I have rinsed them with tap water and a little mild detergent you hand wash your dishes with (not dishwasher tabs obviously)
    When I clean them from the inside when still in the prjojector I use an old but clean piece of t-shirt (the old ones are usually very soft right?) taped around a screwdriver so I can stick it inside the reflector. I did that a few times and no scratches at all. Just make sure you don't press too hard just a tiny little bit is enough to wipe it. It's more llike stroking.

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    When I cleaned the inside of my headlights I used a dishwashing sponge and lots of dishwashing soap and water. It still left fine scratches on the inside of the lenses. Had I known then what I know now, I would have just rinsed with water and a final rinse with distilled water as has been suggested.

    I think that eventually I'll get a new set of lenses from an aftermarket set of headlights. Sucks that you need to buy whole headlights just for one part.

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