I have for sale a pair of 6x7 headlamps that have been retrofitted with Bi-Xenon HID projectors. I initially built these headlights to run on my 95 Toyota Pickup but ended up selling the vehicle before they were completed. I have spent a large amount of time doing the retrofit as clean as possible while trying to mount the projector’s as shallow as the housing would allow. These headlamps are 14 cm in total depth, including when the bulb is mounted and plugged in on the rear.

- Morimoto Mini D2S Bi-Xenon Projectors
- Silver painted housings with high-temp clear coat
- Chrome Gatling 1.0 shrouds
- Morimoto 35watt slim digital ballasts
- Morimoto 35watt 4300K D2S bulbs
- Custom sealed rear housing as to remain “clean looking” and accessible ( I didn’t want to just seal the back of the headlamp with gobs of silicone!)
- I can include an H4 relay harness

You can view the headlight build here: http://www.hidplanet.com/forums/show...x6%29-Retrofit

**note: these will fit many other models as well, as they are a standard 6x7 headlight housing. There is some fogging in one of the lenses (manufacturing flaw, look at the end of the build thread) so a replacement lens is currently on route and will be installed upon delivery, so these things will be in immaculate condition.

PM me for questions etc.

Location: Alberta Canada (I will ship to the states on buyers dollar)
Price: $375 OBO ( I am taking a loss at this price…. I spent way too much time and money on these)

IMG_7992 by RickaShay24, on Flickr