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Thread: Can you put hids in halo projector headlights?

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    Can you put hids in halo projector headlights?

    Or will it melt the housing because of the magnifier?

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    hmm this topic seems to have been covered many times over.. but I'm too lazy to search

    If you get quality bulbs, it will not melt the inside of the projector. However, you're gonna blind the living daylights out of everybody on the road simply b/c those projector headlights suck.

    I'll leave the research up to you about what quality bulb really means in terms of kits in hopes that you'll end up reading enough to get interested in putting atleast a mini h1 or something cheap but good in that car of yours.

    If you're lookin to buy a pair of headlights w/ projectors in'em.. it's cheaper to put a quality HID projector in that car of yours.. atleast from what I know

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    the question you shouldbe asking is, why dont hid kits work in aftermarket projector? answer, they were not designed for hid. at best you will burn the chrome right off the bowl, and get a crappy output as well. put in a real hid projector instead that was designed around that bulb type. those ebay garbage projectors can barely even qualify as poor fog lights with halogen.

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