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Thread: Post your Camera equipment.

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    Apr 2006

    Minolta STR-202 35mm SLR
    28mm lens
    50mm lens
    135mm lens
    2x extender
    Yashica 120 TLR fixed lens


    Olympus point and shoot


    Panasonic AG-HMC150

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    canon 5d2
    sigma 50 1.4 (gonna upgrade to the canon 50 1.2 later)
    canon 70-200 f4 is
    2 430 ex
    2 manfrotto stands
    2 generic umbrellas

    ohh and i almost forgot my Holga tim(twin image maker) its a fun little film camera
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    Glen Burnie, MD
    All these DSL's, I thought I'd share my humble photography equipment:
    Samsung BL103 10.2 MP Point and Shoot:

    And my other camera:

    2001 Mitsubishi Galant GTZ, Halogens, FX-R 1.1 Retro Coming Soon

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    I've got a Nikkon P&S 10MP.
    However with a tripod and messing around with the settings I've taken some nice pictures.

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    my equipment changes a lot lol.

    Canon 1ds Mark II
    17-40mm f4L
    50mm 1.8
    70-200mm f4L
    "You can take an average picture of an extraordinary thing or you can take an extraordinary picture of an average thing"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danpedraza View Post
    my equipment changes a lot lol.

    Canon 1ds Mark II
    17-40mm f4L
    50mm 1.8
    70-200mm f4L

    I have nikon D40x-- and we dont use that often anymore. We bought a P & S sort of camera ( I dont think its a micro 4/3 cam) and has LEICA lens on it and by far this is more enjoyable to use than the bulky DSLR.

    @dan, do you have any recommendation on a good to shoot places here in Cleveland? I was wondering if we have that cherry blossom thingy here-- good colors, pertty flowers.. Something to shoot ala post card for grandmoms?


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    Just bought a Nikon d3100 with the kit lens

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    Canon t1i
    Sigma 18-20mm DC medium zoom
    Sigma 105mm fixed DC macro
    Sigma 17-70mm DC macro zoom
    Canon Speedlite 430EX

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    Pittsburgh, PA or Columbia, SC
    ^^ I think this guy likes cameras

    99 Dodge Durango SLT 4x4 5.2L Magnum V8 Build Thread
    FX-R Retrofit
    - Picture Thread

    Somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing its idiot.

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    nah, he likes lenses, which is wise, cause a lense upgrade will net you more gains than a camera upgrade
    what ive got untill my unemployed status changes:
    Canon t3i
    kit 18-55mm
    canon 55-250 mm is
    canon 55mm prime AKA the nifty fifty
    battery grip
    several batteries
    cleaning stuff
    oh and lots of sd cards, i wait till they go onsale at the source (radio shack for you stateside) get em 75% off

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