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Thread: How to: HID retrofit in Mazda Protege5

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    How to: HID retrofit in Mazda Protege5

    Installation steps
    (DISCLAIMER: Some of these step pics are from other DIY's, those are steps #2, 4, 5, 6, and 13 (first and second pic))

    1) Remove the front bumper, if you do not know how to do this there are many guides available on here.

    2) Remove the clips on the crash bar, you can't remove the headlights with these in the way.

    3) Remove the 3 bolts holding on the headlights, there is one on top, and one of the left and right side. Also remove the low beam, high beam, and turn signal plugs.

    4) Once you have the headlights off, you will need to put the lights in the oven to get the assembly taken apart. Get the oven warmed up to 200* THEN SHUT IT OFF! Then put the headlight in for about 10-15 minutes.

    5) Once the adhesive is soft, gently pry the lens off of the housing. You will probably need to use a sharp knife to cut the adhesive wall as you go. After you are done you will have two pieces.

    6) Now this is where the fun begins. From here you need to remove the two adjustment screws from the backside of the housing, this will separate the reflector from the housing.

    7) Once you get the reflector removed, we need to modify the low beam area of it so that the projector will fit. I used a hole saw to make the original low beam bulb hole about 3x bigger.

    8) After you drill the backside hole, we need to get the projector temporarily mounted so that we can drill the 4 mounting holes. Grab a friend, and mount the projector inside to get it as properly aimed as you think, then put the reflector back in the housing and do a test fit on the car. You can move the projector around as much as you can in order to get it pointed completely straight, and completely parallel to the ground (straight cutoff). Once you get it in the correct position, use hot glue on any spots you can get to on the front side so that it will not move at all. THIS TAKES A LOT OF TRIAL AND ERROR, THIS IS WHY I RECOMMEND A FRIEND.

    9) Once you get the projector pointed right, apply epoxy to the backside of the reflector and exposed projector.

    10) After you apply epoxy, it's time to drill the 4 mounting holes. Since you have the projector mounted with epoxy, you have to drill through the holes of the projector and reflector, do NOT worry. If you have a steady hand you will be ok, and you can even trim a little bit of the mounting holes on the projector without issues. Once the holes are drilled, put your steel bolts in and put on the nylon lock nuts. Tighten them fairly tight, but not overly tight. The nylon lock nuts will do their job. This is what it will look like from the front side when you're done.

    11) Once you get the projector properly epoxy'd and bolted down, you are now ready for installation of the shroud. What I did was put a few layers of double sided tape on inside of the shroud lip (3M Heavy Duty double sided tape). Once you get enough layers of tape for it to fit snug, leave the peeling layer on the last piece of tape that way you can remove the shroud if ever need be. Then slide it on and you're set (should be a snug fit).

    12) Apply previous steps to other headlight.

    13) Now you are ready for re-assembly! Get the oven warmed up again, same as before. Once warmed up put everything in minus the headlight assembly lens (don't worry, your new goods will be ok). Once the adhesive is soft again, pull out the light and re-apply the front lens (you can additionally put new/more sealant in the crevices of the housing before applying the lens, I recommended it to get a good seal).

    14) Mount the headlight back onto the car, and use the adjustment screws as needed (the one on the very backside is used for up/down adjustment, the one near the edge of the assembly is used for left/right adjustment) to finely tune the projector beam. From there, fully mount it back up, re-install the bumper, and you are DONE!

    Low beam:

    High beam:

    Crappy cutoff shot:

    Epic driving video:
    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
    (the video doesn't do the setup justice at all, especially the high beams, very crappy quality video)


    I hope this guide has been helpful to anyone who is considering doing this. The job took me two straight days of work (about 17 hours). If this is your only car I highly recommend that you get a spare set of headlights to do this, as you can run into snags along the way and it's best to take your time. Enjoy!
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    Sweet writeup!!

    Hers-Sloped TL's, ZKW-R lenses, 85122+, E55-R, fiberglass buckets, Blazer fogs with 3K
    Mine- Morimoto Mini H1's, e55 shrouds, Blazer fogs with 3000K
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    The video is awesome.

    I am digging your set up a lot man, your lights look clean, with very OEM-ish look.

    Like it.

    Thumbs up to a well done retro.

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    Nice retro! I'm liking the shrouds, too.

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    Very nice write up, very nice retrofit and very nice video and very well
    explained. Nice job. :rock:

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    Matt - in your sig you have switched to Minis

    I own a P5 and I want to do a HID conversion with projectors... wondering how you feel regarding the minis (H1) vs. the FX-R (DS2) in terms of brightness, ease of install, etc.?

    I'd PM you but PMs are disabled here.

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