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Thread: 2004 Dodge Ram HID Conversion

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    2004 Dodge Ram HID Conversion

    I am new to this forum, and I have a question about HID conversion. My headlights are so dim on my truck that I might as well drive by moon light. I want to upgrade to a full HID kit. The bulb listed in my manual is 9007QL Halogen. I was looking at either 6000k or 8000k. Is there anything I need to do besides just buy the kit and hook it up? Any information possible would be a great help!

    Kevin Richards

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    they will hook you up, it's what i should have done.

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    Please do not buy a "kit." Especially in a truck like yours. The glare and the hazard it creates could cost lives. Very likely you will see no difference at all in terms of usable output on the road.

    Read the sticky at the top of this forum about HID kits...and think twice before you do it. A projector retrofit would be a much better option...and it has been done before in a Ram. Go for some bi-xenons so that you dont lose your highbeam function.

    Time to read up.
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    MN Z-71

    Where could I go about getting a retrofit? I checked and they only have ones for a 94-01 Ram. Any idea who else would do it?

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