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Thread: BRIGHTEST and actually worth it 1157 LED bulbs?

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    BRIGHTEST and actually worth it 1157 LED bulbs?

    Ok, I'm new here, so go easy.

    I've searched and had no luck.

    I have a project in mind, and if there were 1157 bulbs that could output the same amount of light that a traditional bulb would (for red-lensed tail lights) they would be PERFECT. Although, I've had LED bulbs in the past and man, they freakin' suck...

    Does anyone know of, if they actually exist, any LED 1157 bulbs that would actually be visible in the daytime if installed in red lensed tail lights?

    I'm trying to avoid having to do the whole process of legitimately making LED boards for my tails, so if these bulbs exist, it would work out perfectly.

    As a side question, does anyone have experience with these:

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    those are only 1 watt, great for a parking light, thats about it. i wouldnt even use that for drl. i havent seen any better tho. even the high watt led bulbs with 3w total are dim for exterior lighting. much better to do something custom with superflux leds, those are bright if you cram enough together.

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    why do you want led then? if its a red lense, and you drop them in, whats the point? mizel keep the stock bulbs... led drop ins in stock housings is piontless IMHO.. unless you ahave clear tails w/ clear lenses.. then yeah i get the point.. but stock red diffused lens and led drop in? r u gonna make them strobe?

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    No. The way I see it, if I can get that LED 'instant on/instant off' in these tail lights, it might look cool.

    It's just a thought, ya know? I figured I might as well ask...

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    Bought these from autolumiation:

    They're super bright. Visible during the daytime. Only gripe is that there isn't much visual distinction between running light and brake for the 1157s. I plan on buying an 1156 for my rear fog light and using that solely as the running light so that you can see that i'm actually braking instead of relying on the 3rd brake light. The 3 watt on the front is super bright and the side LEDs fill out the lamp well.

    I have the 1156 for my turn signals.

    Top running light and turn signal on. The bottom running light is supposed to be the rear fog light in Europe, but I use it as a running light with a small incandescent bulb. I want to change the fog light to LED to match the color of the brake and then remove the running light functionality of the top light because the 1157 doesn't have that much of a differentiation between modes.

    The side LEDs fill out the lamp well...very visible from the side

    You can see how much light output the 3 watt LED on the front gives off

    I also changed the turn signals in my HID headlamps

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