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Thread: HID Projector vs. Halogen Projector differences?

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    HID Projector vs. Halogen Projector differences?

    Alright I tried to do a search to find the info I was looking for but came up with no real explanations to my question.`

    Here is my predicament, I have a '98 Acura Integra which comes with a stock low beam Halogen projector and after doing a fair amount of research here on HIDplanet and other forums I a member of I have been unable to come up with much information explaining the differences between a Halogen Projector and and HID projector.

    Don't get me wrong, I am personally convinced that I would be much happier with the output quality and overall performance of a D2S retrofit in my car as opposed to a PnP kit in my OEM Halogen projectors. Its trying to convince my father who is an engineer that there is really much of a difference in the optics of an HID projector vs. a Halogen one. And that its really worth going through the process of a retrofit.

    From what I understand, a PnP kit in my OEM halogen projectors has similar problems to that of almost any PnP kit in any halogen headlight regardless of the fact that it is a projector. Such as glare and hot spots.

    I guess what I am really looking for is an explination of the mechanical differences between my OEM (9006) Halogen Projector and a D2S HID projector.

    What makes them different?

    Size (of the overall projector)?
    The lense?

    Any supporting evidence, but especially pictures of a Halogen projector vs. D2S retrofit would be very helpful.

    I have already read through the "Think again before gettin a HID "kit"" thread, and the "You decide.....OEM vs KIT" thread. I am just looking a better explanation for someone in my shoes with an OEM Halogen projector.

    Thanks in advance for any help with this. This will pretty much be the determining factor in whether or not I go ahead with a TSX retrofit.

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    Re: HID Projector vs. Halogen Projector differences?

    1. Focal point
    2. Difference in the way xenon and halogen bulb emit light & spetral power density
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    HID projectors are typically alittle wider then halogen..
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    halogen projectors usually dont have alot of r&d into them, since it doesnt matter. There is not enough light to really warrant the need for excessive optic positioning or lens distances. With hid projector, there is alot more light that needs to be spread evenly. Hid projectors are designed specifically for hid bulbs. if you ever had a naked halogen and hid bulb side by side, you would see that the halogen has a small filament in the middle, whereas the hid bulb has the entire arc tube lighting up, at a different position than the halogen. projector design needs to account for where the main light source is positioned. If this is wrong, everything fails. just as if you were to take an hid bulb and mount it slightly further back, it would ruin the whole beam. also the position of the lens and cutoff shield is important. it can mean the difference between a blurry distorted cutoff and a colorful crisp one. Another problem happens when putting hid in halogen projector, mainly because halogen projectors are designed a bit differently sometimes to let out glare above the cutoff. well with dim halogens, this glare is not a big deal. but throw an hid kit inside and it becomes a huge deal. i wish i still had some pics, but they were pretty convincing. halogen projector with hid will look like crap. there will be more light in the air than on the ground, and usually the cutoff will look like crap.

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    Here is an example of differences between HID projector and halogen (H7) projector taken from SAME cars (Toyota Avensis).

    Lens-cutoff shield distance is same.

    Lens are identical.

    HID reflector is much larger than halogen.

    Cutoff shields are almost same except the width.

    Output comparison. D2S is in the halogen projector to judge fairly.

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    I am not pushing you in either direction here but it depends on what you want to get out of it. My friend has a E500 with halogen projectors and we put a PnP kit in it. The light cut off is pretty sharp and the light on the road is muuuuch better than halogen. It serves his needs well. However, I am sure with a retrofit you would have even better results. Just depends if you want to spend $200, or $700.... your choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zam2000
    1. Focal point
    2. Difference in the way xenon and halogen bulb emit light & spetral power density
    So does this mean that because a Halogen projector has a differnet focal point w/ a rebased bulb and PnP kit you are prone to having hot spots?

    Quote Originally Posted by LightWerkz
    HID projectors are typically alittle wider then halogen..
    That makes sense.

    gearbox: Thanks for the info.

    SM_SNIPER: Thanks a lot for the info and those pics, that was one of the things I was looking for. Just one question for you, in the picture of the light output, what were the setups? D2S bulb and projector vs. Halogen H7 bulb and projector? Just wondering.

    Laxplaya21: Thanks for the info. Any pics?
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    like SM_SNIPER showed in the pics usually the only difference between hid and halogen projectors is the design of the bowl, the halogen bowl looks to focus the light more and the hid reflector spreads it out more which it can because of the greater amount of lumens

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    Just keep in mind that with optic devices as small as these attempting to illuminate such a large area, a small difference in the optics can make a huge difference in the output.

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    i have some TSX projectors minus the glass, i'm going to swap halogen projector glass and use them once i get some ballasts and bulbs- we'll see if the glass is any different.

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