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Thread: how do you make clear headlight lenses?

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    how do you make clear headlight lenses?

    I did a search, because i swear there is a thread on here somewhere, but no luck. I'm trying to figure out ow someone would go about making their own clear headlights if they have old style lenses like you'd see on an old Escort or something.
    I believe i may have asked this before, but i can't find anything. I thought there used to be a link to somewhere else on the web . . . .
    Any info is appreciated. You can also e-mail me any links or how-to's if you'd rather not post them here. Also, i'm looking to make my ow, not buy a clear set off of ebay and do a swap, etc.
    Thanks gang!

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    You'd have to sand down the ridges on the inside if you have "rippled lenses" and polish it all the way up. Lots of work, bcs I've done it before. If you can get new clear headlights and save yourself the pain, unless you're good at polishing. You have to start with something coarse like a 60 or 80 grit sandpaper (use water) and work your way up to 2000 grit and then rubbing compound, polishing compound and some king of wax with a good UV filter to prevent yellowing.(note, this has to be done on the inside of the lense for the ridges, but could be used on the outside too if lenses are badly weathered and/or pitted only diff. is you start with a finer grit like a 600 on the outside. ) :goodman:

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    Ya, i've done a set that way, but that was utterly ridiculous!!! I was looking more along the lines of forming a new lense cover. I think i may know how to do, just have to finish 1 project first, then this is next.

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    There was a how to where some one cut the fluted lens portion out an formed a clear replacement in the same shape as the original, or you could cut a circle where the projector is and replace that with a clear piece.

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    working on this as we speak. If all goes well; is there any lense that someone would want a clear lense made for? I am currently trying to do a 95-99 cavalier and then a 90-94(?)metro headlight.

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    disrespectedhid, maybe you can use the lenses off these:


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    ya, i guess the lenses would be ok, but the back part of it just isn't my taste. I dont like the single projector. Of course; we are just talking lenses, so . . . . .
    I think i'd like to make them instead. I want to do some custom lights for friends, but maybe just buying those as a base would be better than starting with stock instead of the factory backs.
    That set isn't too bad either, i saw the other ones before, but do not like the rumble-strip ring that goes around the projector part.
    Thinking about it, that wopuld sot of make my projectors "DOT approved"-hehe!!

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    somebody here actually cut of the old lens and put a clear plastic lens in... you might wanna search alittle bit more. Does anybody else remember what im talking about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by samnissan2003
    somebody here actually cut of the old lens and put a clear plastic lens in... you might wanna search alittle bit more. Does anybody else remember what im talking about?

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    that would work!! working on something now, but that would save me on the amount of plastic i would need!

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